Learn R like a pro

Do you want to become really good at R, fast? Do you have at least 1 hour a day available to practice?

We offer Individual Coaching to a limited number of novice R programmers who are serious about learning R like a pro.

In our Individual Coaching program we collaborate closely to make you a top R programmer.

  • We start out by charting your current knowledge and skills related to R, statistics, programming, and data science
  • We set S.M.A.R.T. goals where you want to be 1 month, 3 months, a year from today, taking into account your specific job or study-related requirements
  • We make a comprehensive plan how to get you there
  • You will receive daily assignments and drills to study and practice
  • We have regular in-person interaction by email/chat, review your code, answers questions, help you stay on course, and motivate you to persist!

Please fill out the form below or contact us at han@r-exercises.com to discuss how to learn R like a pro!

Please contact me to discuss how to Learn R Like a Pro